The Writer’s Group – December meeting

The last meeting before Christmas was eventful. As the group has grown meetings seem to have become more prone to histrionics and conflict. The purpose of the group is to welcome aspiring and successful writers, whatever genre they prefer and to share experiences. Criticism of each other’s work is supposed to be honest and provide positive opportunities to improve. Someone should explain this to Gary and Chris who had a heated argument about whose hero is the most believable. The fact that they are both middle-aged men attempting to write chick-lit made the argument somewhat surreal.

Gary: My Emily has known true suffering.

Chris: True suffering? She works in an advertising agency in Knightsbridge! My Sarah works in a chip shop – that’s suffering!

As usual the Colonel (writing his memoirs) calmed things down but managed to offend them both by insinuating that as 50 year old men they may not be the best judges of how the modern twenty something young woman might suffer.

The Colonel may have a point.

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