Writer’s group January meeting

A really good turn out for the first meeting of 2019. It seems that just about everyone has had a productive time over the Christmas holiday. If the numbers keep rising we’ll have to look for a bigger venue.

Tom was in particularly good form as he has added another fifty or so jokes to his ‘Side-splitters’ collection. He also sold one of his own last year which was translated into three different languages and inserted into crackers across Europe and America. We have added him to our list of ‘successful published authors’ despite a few raised eyebrows amongst the more established writers. Thankfully his buoyant mood meant I only had to rate one of his new jokes on a ‘hilarity scale’ of one to ten.

We came together for the reading of Kat’s poem, which she read with huge emotion and energy. Of course, nobody knew the Colonel had a dodgy ticker at the time but I’m pleased to say he has been in touch to let me know he made a full recovery. This may well be our final meeting at The Angler’s Rest Hotel lounge as the landlord appears resistant to the idea of installing a defibrillator.

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