Writer’s Group – June meeting

Our first meeting at our new location, the ‘Cuppa Char’ tea room behind the High Street went well. The owner, Gwen has let us use the shop for free but I suspect she is hoping to make significant profit from tea and cake sales.

Michael’s last two books detailed the dramas of some of the areas most well known local families and included some gory and scandalous events in their histories. Lord Peter has been known to cross the road to avoid Michael whilst allegedly muttering bad words under his breath. He very publicly threatened the author with a court case for libel but withdrew it when offered evidence of his great, great grandfather’s misdemeanors in the form of a long lost series of letters uncovered by Michael.

Michael turned up late at this months meeting with a black eye and cut lower lip. He has been researching local businesses for his new book and discovered some exciting facts regarding a possible royal link. However rushing into the butcher’s shop and asking Big Al if he knew who his father was didn’t go quite as he planned.

Lord Peter, who was in the shop at the time, is still grinning from ear to ear.

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