Writer’s Group – February Meeting

After struggling to find a suitable alternative venue we are once more meeting back at the Angler’s Rest. Madeline, ‘just call me Mad’ has missed the last few sessions and it was good to have one of our long term contributors back. Admittedly she’s not one of my favourite members as her tendency to call me ‘Rog’ and talk like a toddler does grate more than a little. Madeline is struggling with ‘an ickle problem’ with her story books for under fives as she has had a ‘teensy weensy’ argument with Frank, who was going to illustrate them. Apparently, his artistic portrayal of ‘Weggie the Wabbit’ didn’t meet with her approval. She explained to me that Weggie should be ‘cuddly wuddly’ rather than looking like he’d been overdosing on steroids at the rabbit gym. Chris said that he used to draw a bit at school and would be happy to give it a go as he currently has writer’s block with ‘Fry Me To The Moon’, his chick lit. novel. I saw the cover of his notepad recently and if his doodling is anything to go by I suspect another ‘silly billy row’ is on the horizon.

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